About us

Getup yesterday was founded in early 2020 by us! Jess and Ed. We are a couple living in East London who had our lives changed by the UK Covid-19 lockdown. We decided to make the best out of a bad situation and with the support of the people around us we began our journey. We have always wanted to do something for ourselves, to have our own business and to be more self reliant. Both being ethical people and caring about the planet we decided to take the step to make our dreams a reality and help to change the world a little at the same time.

Coming from the punk and hardcore music scene we have always had a DIY mindset. When we see something that we feel we could do better and improve upon we do it. Through the music we love and the lyrics we sing along to we have formed our stance on the world around us. Taking that part of our lives and mixing it with our extensive backgrounds in hospitality we want to build our brand to the best of its potential. 

In the past we as a society including ourselves have made many mistakes in supporting the fast fashion industry. Our mission is to do our part to right the wrongs and to help you re-think the way you shop. We believe it is important to be sustainable to make the world we live in a better place.